Ripis – Shadow Dies in Morning Light (Review)

RipisRipis are a doom metal band from the US and this is their second album.

Well, well, what a powerful and well-written album we have here. Filled with bleak moods and despondent atmosphere, this is dark, affecting stuff. Ripis know how to write a damn good doom metal tune.

Heavy, thick riffs provide a bedrock for the emotive vocals to be built on. The forcefully sombre tones of the distorted guitars and the lonesome clean singing provide a hideously effective combination that helps to wring every last morsel of emotion from the music. The songs are all about combining feeling and depth with the sort of crushing heaviness that only doom metal can do so well.

Clearly the band have put a lot into this release; you don’t produce something as sadly, negatively emotive as this by accident, nor is it likely to come about by having a happy, normal, well-adjusted life. Ripis have poured their hearts and souls into Shadow Dies in Morning Light, and the results are pretty damn stunning.

As personal and intimate as this undoubtedly is, it never comes across as mawkish. The emotions and feelings here are raw and honest, and this comes through strongly not only in the singer’s plaintive clean singing, but also in every aspect of the music; even the drums feel imbued with sorrow and pain.

Captivating and substantial, Shadow Dies in Morning Light is an album that any doom metal fan simply must hear.

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