Entry – Detriment (Review)

Entry - DetrimentThis is the debut album from US hardcore band Entry.

Despite being billed as an album, there’s only 15 minutes of material here, so you may guess that this is filled with high energy punk aggression and hardcore ferocity. If so, you’d be right, and it’s a damn good ride too.

This is a powerful and ferocious collection of tracks that manages the impressive feat of avoiding being a one-dimensional affair through accomplished songwriting and a good grasp of dynamics. Despite the brevity of the tracks the band mix up their speed and ferocity levels very effectively, allowing the music to do what it does best, (tear things up), in the manner that it chooses that’s best for the job.

Stylistically this sits somewhere between Converge and Minor Threat, which in many ways should be compliment enough to get you to check out Detriment. Entry have their own personalities, however, and Detriment is full of strong tracks just waiting to rip up the airwaves.

Each of the songs motors along with clear passion and obvious skill. The band all know what they’re doing with the style, and nothing here feels forced or included just for the sake of it. The expression ‘all killer, no filler’ is overused, but for an album like Detriment, it’s certainly apt.

Topped off with an exceedingly good vocalist who barks and snarls her way through the songs with harsh belligerence, Entry have produced a strong piece of work here.

Very highly recommended.

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