Capra – In Transmission (Review)

Capra - In TransmissionThis is the debut album from US hardcore band Capra.

Capra play a hybrid style of metallic hardcore and punk. It’s a style that you don’t hear too much these days, and they play it damn well. It’s a style that makes me very nostalgic, yet at the same time it also sounds vibrant and fresh due to the band’s inherent enthusiasm and skill.

Capra remind me of a mixture of late 90s/early 00s hardcore bands, (Trustkill/Ferret Records, etc.), plus others from that era such as Manhole/Tura Satana and Amen. Capra’s music is thoroughly old-school in many ways, yet it has a modern delivery that makes it completely relevant for 2021. For a rough, simplified approximation of Capra’s sound, I’d say a blend of Amen, Every Time I Die, Walls of Jericho, and, to a lesser extent, Converge.

The songs are energetic and full of passion. They’re aggressive and sharp, with the intensity that the band channel so well funnelled into quality, memorable songs that display a lot of character and personality. In Transmission is the sort of record that reminds me of a huge amount of different bands in places – a riff here, a vocal refrain there – yet I’ll resist the urge to just list them. Essentially it boils down to the fact that while Capra may recall several different bands I can think of, they are their own entity, and they’re writing their own legacy.

A diverse range of influences have gone into the making of In Transmission, and it’s testament to Capra’s ability that they have successfully distilled these into 32 minutes of music that capture the essence of these influences, while also showcasing their own personality and charisma.

I really enjoyed this. In Transmission is the sort of album I haven’t heard for quite a while, and I love that Capra play it so well.

Very highly recommended.

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