Outright – Keep You Warm (Review)

Outright - Keep You WarmThis is the second album from metallic hardcore band Outright.

Described in the promo blurb as a mix of Walls of Jericho and Slayer, this is as good an introduction as any to Outright’s sound, (I’d also throw in a bit of Capra too, as a more recent reference point).

The songs on Keep You Warm mostly have the sort of rampant, near-uncontrollable punk energy that’s infectious and feels unstoppable. The band’s hardcore heart is raging and aggressive, but not without moments of subtlety and nuance strewn throughout Keep You Warm‘s 36-minute running time. Add to this a hefty thrash influence and some impassioned vocals, and you have a very enjoyable album.

Of the vocals, the lead singer gives a strong performance and her capable voice is backed up by occasional deeper growls, gang vocals, and cleans, as needed.

This record speaks to me of the period around a couple of decades ago when I was heavily into this sort of music. Keep You Warm, at various times, reminds me of a few bands from this era, everything from Boys Night Out to Most Precious Blood to H20 to Throwdown to Converge to From Autumn to Ashes, and others. Of course, the bands at the start of this review form the bulk of what you’ll hear here, but it’s not limited to these by any means.

Yes, Outright have pushed themselves on this album and the songs are more than just one thing. Thrashy metallic hardcore may form the core of their sound, but this is expanded upon with things like melodic punk and hardcore venom. There is even a stoner-influenced track which is by far the longest cut of the lot and shows an entire other side to the band, which is very effective and great to hear.

Keep You Warm‘s old-school vitality is honest and raw. Outright are clearly pouring everything they are into their music, and the results speak for themselves. If you’re a fan of old-school metallic hardcore with a contemporary edge, then there is nothing to dislike here.

Highly recommended.

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