Thy Art Is Murder – Human Target (Review)

Thy Art Is Murder - Human TargetThis is the fifth album from Australian death metal/deathcore band Thy Art Is Murder.

After the adrenaline-pumping deathcore of Holy War, and the deathcore-meets-death metal assault of Dear Desolation, (and their very enjoyable brief split with The Acacia Strain and Fit for an Autopsy), it’s safe to say that Thy Art Is Murder have a track record of delivering the goods. So, what does Human Target hold for us?

Well, Human Target continues pretty much where Dear Desolation left off. The band deliver 39 minutes of deathcore-meets-death metal, with plenty of heaviness, blast beats, breakdowns, and growled aggression. The band have a new drummer, (ex-Rings of Saturn and Jungle Rot), but otherwise the Thy Art Is Murder machine rolls on, continuing its assault on the negative parts of society.

The band’s dynamic energy is still at high levels on this album, and it’s obvious that they love what they do. There seems to be a bit more of an emphasis on the deathcore side of their sound overall, with more breakdowns used than on their last album, but otherwise their songwriting formula has remained intact and well. Full of catchy hooks and based around traditional song structures, these tracks will get you moving and easily stick in the mind quite quickly.

It’s easy and effortless to digest and absorb Human Target, and that’s no bad thing at all. Throw it on, bask in the heaviness of the songs, and then rinse and repeat. Thus are enjoyable records made.

If you’re not into what Thy Art Is Murder do then I’m sure this won’t convince you of their worth. However, if you’re a fan of the band then there’s a lot to like here.

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