Unseen Faith – Waver (Review)

Unseen FaithUnseen Faith are a deathcore band from Denmark and this is their debut album.

This is deathcore that’s brutal and dark, but not without melodic or atmospheric elements that help save the band from one-dimensional obscurity.

A strong production that’s suitably modern and professional allows the band to sound as large as this type of music needs to.

The bright leads shine out against the heavy distortion of the main rhythm guitars. The latter are crushing and ubiquitously deployed, while the former add colour and flavour when they appear. More atmospheric flourishes are used well too, adding some depth to the traditional deathcore assault of the main sections. When they’re not in full-on deathcore mode, elements of hardcore and djent make their way into the music, adding a bit of variety to the band’s delivery.

The songs are written for the live environment in many ways, and have lots of crowd-pleasing parts and crushing breakdowns. This doesn’t stop you from enjoying this on record though, and it’s easy to find yourself swaying and bobbing along as you listen to it. It’s a worthy addition to the gym tunes folder too.

The singer adopts the typical shouted growl approach that nonetheless works really well for this sort of thing. Backed up by higher pitched screams that sound quite serrated and vicious, as well as the occasional emotively-delivered semi-singalong part, there’s no issues in the vocal department.

I enjoyed this. Fans of heavy-hitters such as Thy Art Is Murder and Fit for an Autopsy, as well as newer bruisers like So This Is Suffering and Funeral for the Masses, will find much to like here.

A recommended listen for anyone that enjoys being flattened by heavy, modern deathcore.

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