Blood Moon – Through the Scarlet Veil (Review)

Blood MoonBlood Moon are a black metal band and this is their debut album.

Inspired by the 90s second wave of black metal, but not limited by it, Blood Moon offer up 51 minutes of ancestor worship and ritualistic incantations in the form of Through the Scarlet Veil.

The music is mystical and obscure. It’s steeped in the occult and features a wealth of ideas that mark it out as a product of a dark imagination, one that’s steeped in forbidden lore.

Chanting clean vocals seem to lead litanies of hatred while the music sweeps dark winds into the world from unspeakable underground vaults. The album seems to be more of a hymnal than an actual collection of songs, and the tracks distinctly give the impression of occult magic given aural form.

There’s definitely a feeling of otherworldly happenings going on here, and I’m not sure I want to know what the band are channelling in order to achieve this. I remember a friend of mine once describing a Deathspell Omega album as making him genuinely afraid of what might be out there lurking in the dark. Although stylistically different, the impression that Through the Scarlet Veil gives off is a similar one.

The production is slightly muted and as obscure as the music itself, as if the album was found in some long-lost crypt, freshly recorded by acolytes of who knows what. Modern, bright, polished black metal this is not, nor would we want it to be.

Through the Scarlet Veil is the kind of album that will be overlooked by all but the most devoted of the esoteric arts, and maybe that’s the way it should be. Regardless, it’s worth experiencing in its entirety just to make sure either way.

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