Year of the Cobra – …in the Shadows Below (Review)

Year of the CobraYear of the Cobra are a US doom metal band. This is their debut album.

Here we find just drums, bass and vocals, but what a combination. Just a duo, the band nonetheless have a large presence with the near 44 minutes of music on …in the Shadows Below.

Huge stoner/doom bass riffs threaten to crush you as the band easily lock into psychedelic grooves and hypnotic forays into fuzzy doom bliss. Although it’s not a massively common style, I definitely have a soft-spot for the drum-and-bass-only bands, and Year of the Cobra ply their wares extremely well.

Something that Year of the Cobra also have though, that a lot of others don’t, is sultry, sexy croons that seem to sail across the heavy music with the ease of the unburdened. The singer has a cracking voice, and her performance across the album is used to great effect. Ethereal and otherworldly, she provides an interesting counterpoint to the earthy music while still remaining tethered to it, despite her soaring cleans.

The songs are well-written and the interplay between bass and vocals makes for some very impressive music. We mustn’t forget the drums, either. As a full 50% of the instruments on …in the Shadows Below, they have an important part to play and have a very satisfying presence.

Although I thought I’d probably like this I’m floored by how much I actually do. This is very, very good. You absolutely must check this out.

3 thoughts on “Year of the Cobra – …in the Shadows Below (Review)

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