Headless Kross – Projections 1 (Review)

Headless KrossHeadless Kross are a doom band from the UK.

Headless Kross don’t play nice music. They do, however, play heavy music, and this is what we like.

The vocals are unhinged screams. They seem utterly uninterested in doing anything other than trying to exorcise whatever daemons are troubling them.

As for the music, Projections 1 features a kind of stripped-back traditional doom metal that seems to have spent several years in an asylum being treated by equally unhinged doctors.

Heavy, dense and paranoid, these songs attempt to flatten the listener with their presence. The guitar riffs seem to start from a doom metal base and then get slowly warped and twisted the more they are played.

There’s a repetitive aspect to this kind of thing that I always enjoy. When the band lock into a firm sludgy groove and milk it for all it is worth…these are some of my favourite parts. Also, the slower the play, the more I like them too.

The 35 minutes on this release put me in mind my of what Khanate might have sounded like had they gone for a slightly more traditional delivery, rather than the completely drawn-out, spacious ultra-doom that they decided on.

I very much enjoyed this release.



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