Råttkung – Unborn Undead (Review)

RattkungThis is the latest EP from one-man black metal band Råttkung, who hails from Denmark.

Råttkung’s debut EP Dark Is the Beginning was 17 minutes of raw, underground black metal that reached back to the early days of the second wave for inspiration.

In some ways this influence is continued on this latest short release, but we also see another side to Råttkung too. Here we get a mere three songs in 10 minutes, but what this EP lacks in length it makes up for in blackened malice and ambition. Continue reading “Råttkung – Unborn Undead (Review)”

Råttkung – Dark Is the Beginning (Review)

RattkungRåttkung are a Black Metal band from Denmark. This is their début EP.

This short EP showcases Råttkung’s brand of raw, underground Black Metal across 17 minutes of hate-filled music. It’s ugly, dark and as cold as the frozen wastes.

An ultra-primitive production finds the band recalling the early days of the second wave of Black Metal, both aurally and stylistically. It’s a primitive and lo-fi recording that sounds authentic and honest, although does tend to leech a little power from the band’s songs.

The vocals seem to have been captured on the edge of a blackened abyss, with the singer screaming and growling his way into the raging winds. He sounds possessed and not 100% human.

Furious riffs and blasting drums certainly have their place on this release, but the band also know how to slow it down and use the guitars to foster a creepy, sinister atmosphere, as they notably do on the song Here Again, or to opt for a Doom-ier approach as on Abyss of Terror.

Dark Is the Beginning is aptly named and here’s hoping we hear more of this band in the future, as this is a promising start.