Martyr Defiled – Young Gods (Review)

Martyr DefiledMartyr Defiled are a UK deathcore band and this is their third album.

Ahh deathcore; much maligned and much misunderstood of sub-genres. It’s not the only one to suffer a bad reputation, of course, but it’s one of the more common ones to see people ripping apart. Usually with good reason though to be fair, as there’s a lot of crap out there. This is firmly not the case with Martyr Defiled, however; quite the opposite in fact.

One of the biggest things I like about Martyr Defiled is their riffs. I like that they’re not lazy with them, and most of them seem like some thought has gone into them, rather than just putting out another generic breakdown. The band are good at peeling off some inventive and interesting brutality.

This was always one of the things that set Eighteen Visions apart from many of their peers at the time – the ability to write a riff that was heavy, engaging, emotive, and catchy, all at the same time. This quality which made Eighteen Visions so good is also what makes Martyr Defiled as good as they are.

Of course, it’s not all about the riffs, but it’s a large part of the band’s appeal. However, these riffs would be nothing without the rest of the package. This includes well-thought out leads, pounding drums, and vocals that are so aggressive you’ll need protection just to listen to them.

Yep, the singer doesn’t hold back. Screaming, roaring, growling, and shouting across the heavy tunes, his voice is quite savage. Interestingly, like the music, he does have an emotive quality to his voice that the riffs bring out nicely.

Back to the songs in general then – these are well-written and emphasise decent structures and memorable, catchy choruses and verses. In addition to their other talents Martyr Defiled know how to write a good song.

I’ve said many times on this site that deathcore is one of the easiest genres to be mediocre at. This is why I love Martyr Defiled, as they are anything but.

Get this and tear everything down.

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