Tragodia – Mythmaker (Review)

TragodiaTragodia are from Italy and this is their third album of Progressive/Power Metal.

Featuring good songs and a strong sound, Mythmaker is an album that delivers the goods.

On the slightly heavier side of the spectrum, Tragodia recall bands such as Nevermore and Angel Dust with their thickened riffs and impressive vocals.

The band are melodic and tight, with some nice elements of Classic and Modern Metal finding a way into their sound on occasion. The Power Metal side of things is kept in check by the heavy guitars and the Progressive edge is felt in the musicianship.

The song structures themselves are the most important thing of course and this is an album that has all of the strengths of the genre but none of the weaknesses. This is quality Metal done right and played well. There are no slips into cheesiness or retro-worship. This is thoroughly state-of-the-art while dragging all of the essential classic elements of the genre into the here and now.

The singer is one of the best I’ve heard in a while. He has depth and range was well as being capable of full emotional delivery.

I’m just blown away by this album. Tragodia: Please receive your mark of A+ and go to the head of the class.


Grey Skies Fallen – The Many Sides of Truth (Review)

Grey Skies FallenGrey Skies Fallen are from the US, and this is their fourth album of Progressive Metal.

The band combine a form of Anathema relaxi-prog and a Melodic Death Metal influence with sharp, rasped vocals and heroic cleans. On paper it looks a bit incongruous but in practice it works surprisingly well.

It’s a tribute to the talent of the band that they can combine the soft introspective nature with the heavier Metal parts of the songs and have it sound cohesive and complete.

Elements of Nevermore and Septic Flesh clash with the aforementioned Anathema influence, add to that a bit of Doom and Melodic Prog…basically they have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies and are talented enough to pull it off.

Subtle keyboards accompany the sometimes epic riffs to create a larger than life atmosphere that also manages to stay compact and manageable as the band flex their musical muscles.

The songs are well composed and have a real feeling of grandeur to them. The music is very operatic in scope and ambition, which means it’s a very satisfying listen.

Grey Skies Fallen have produced an album that demands closer inspection. Check them out and hear what they have to offer. You won’t regret it.

Mason – Warhead (Review)

MasonAustralian metallers Mason are a Thrash Metal band with a really lovely crunch to their guitar sound. Elements of Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer – all can be heard in their sound and act as useful reference points for new listeners but Mason certainly have their own identity.

This album is jam-packed with riffs, hooks and catchiness. A high-quality, punchy production ensures the songs have maximum impact, with the band making the most of this by showing that they know their way around their instruments.

The vocals don’t let the rest of the package down either – they are full of character and passion, and capture the essence of the great Thrash singers of the 80s, (and beyond).

Mason have released such a strong album it’s hard to believe this is only their debut, especially with one Jeff Loomis, (Nevermore), adding a solo to Lost it All. If it’s good enough for Jeff it’s good enough for me.

And let’s face it – isn’t that just a great album cover?