Sarpedon – Anomic Nation (Review)

SarpedonSarpedon are from Norway and this is their début album. They play Progressive Metal.

This is sharp Progressive Metal with charismatic vocals that lead the way. Think a band like Nevermore for a quick and easy comparison; Progressive Metal with an emphasis on the Metal.

The music is solid and full of expressive leads and solos. Good rhythmic riffing and dependable drumming underscore everything, but the vocals are definitely the focal point.

Powerfully sung, they have a theatrical quality to them that imbues every song with character and personality.

The music is both technical and melodic as well as featuring a slight Blackened edge that colours some of the riffs now and again. The inclusion of blast beats and the styling of the band logo means that Sarpedon have a definite Black Metal feel to them; like a Black Metal band with clean vocals in places – akin to Vintersorg, for example

The songs are definite growers; repeated listens reveals hidden depths to the music whilst the vocal hooks and harmonies further borrow into your subconscious.

A recommended listen; give Sarpedon the time to get to know you and get inside your skull.

2 thoughts on “Sarpedon – Anomic Nation (Review)

  1. I must honestly say that I am not into the male opera voices in metal. They just don’t seem to be as gripping as female opera vocals.

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