Skogen – Skuggorna Kallar (Review)

SkogenSkogen are a Swedish black metal band and this is their fifth album.

Skogen play a mix of black metal and folk, producing an atmospheric and charismatic take on the style. Continue reading “Skogen – Skuggorna Kallar (Review)”

Kjeld/Wederganger – Split (Review)

Kjeld WedergangerKjeld and Wederganger are both black metal bands from the Netherlands. They have teamed up for this split release.

Kjeld are the opening band on this split. 2015’s Skym was cold and evil black metal in the Scandinavian style. On this release they contribute 17 minutes of music in the form of three songs. Continue reading “Kjeld/Wederganger – Split (Review)”

Agatus – The Eternalist (Review)

AgatusThis is the third album from this Greek black/heavy metal band.

Now this is an interesting release. 14 years after their second album, Agatus return with even more of a progressive/heavy metal approach to their music.

70s progressive rock and NWOBHM influences collide head-on with the black metal background of the group, making for an album that sounds little like any of their contemporaries.

The closest I can come to compare with other bands would be a crazy fusion of Rotting Christ, Vintersorg and Countess, all given a workover by NWOBHM and 70s progressive rock. or something. All I know is it’s infectious, addictive, individual and bloody good.

The black metal aspects Continue reading “Agatus – The Eternalist (Review)”

Winterhorde – Maestro (Review)

WinterhordeThis is the third album from Israeli melodic/progressive Black Metallers Winterhorde.

Winterhorde use melodic Black Metal as a base to launch their epic brand of music from. On this base, they build firm structures of progressive Metal and symphonic/orchestral enhancements, all of which work together to produce Maestro, an Extreme Metal extravaganza.

If you combine elements of Black Metal with bands like Dimmu Borgir, Borknagar, Vintersorg, Arcturus and Nevermore, you’ll have a good idea of where Winterhorde are coming from. Continue reading “Winterhorde – Maestro (Review)”

Sarpedon – Anomic Nation (Review)

SarpedonSarpedon are from Norway and this is their début album. They play Progressive Metal.

This is sharp Progressive Metal with charismatic vocals that lead the way. Think a band like Nevermore for a quick and easy comparison; Progressive Metal with an emphasis on the Metal.

The music is solid and full of expressive leads and solos. Good rhythmic riffing and dependable drumming underscore everything, but the vocals are definitely the focal point.

Powerfully sung, they have a theatrical quality to them that imbues every song with character and personality.

The music is both technical and melodic as well as featuring a slight Blackened edge that colours some of the riffs now and again. The inclusion of blast beats and the styling of the band logo means that Sarpedon have a definite Black Metal feel to them; like a Black Metal band with clean vocals in places – akin to Vintersorg, for example

The songs are definite growers; repeated listens reveals hidden depths to the music whilst the vocal hooks and harmonies further borrow into your subconscious.

A recommended listen; give Sarpedon the time to get to know you and get inside your skull.