Intent – Exile (Review)

Intent - ExileThis is the second album from US thrash metal band Intent.

Intent play classic thrash metal with a brutal, aggressive edge.

Intent furiously tear through 39 minutes of blistering thrash. The band like to play fast, and do so Continue reading “Intent – Exile (Review)”

Panikk – Discarded Existence (Review)

PanikkPanikk are a thrash metal band from Slovenia and this is their second album.

Panikk play old-school thrash metal influenced by the US scene. Fans of Anthrax, Forbidden, Exodus, etc. should lap this up. Continue reading “Panikk – Discarded Existence (Review)”

Nightbreed – Nightbreed (Review)

NightbreedNightbreed are a Greek Thrash Metal band and this is their début album.

This is aggressive Old-School Thrash Metal in the style of Kreator and Exodus. It’s ugly, raw and not for the weak.

This is not for Retro-Thrash fans, nor is it for modern Thrashers who are used to huge, gleaming productions. This is for people who like the original Speed Metal template and are quite happy listening to a band who sound like they recorded this in the 80s and then sat on it for a few decades.

The singer has the right kind of angry snarl for the style. He seems to ride the riffs on waves of attitude and never misses an opportunity to add a belligerent edge to his voice.

The music is fast and furious. Solos are included, obviously, and these are well-played and most enjoyable. The riffs seem to lash out like barbed tentacles. The drumming is a relentless pounding that seems to only let up as the songs die off.

The songs blur by in a fit of rebellious fists, spikes and horror. The attitude and style is palpably Thrash Metal and the band don’t lack for presence.

If you’re looking for Thrash Metal that’s true to the original aggressive style then look no further and check out Nightbreed.

Repulsor – Trapped in a Nightmare (Review)

RepulsorRepulsor are from Poland and play Thrash Metal. This is their début EP.

This EP is a little over 21 minutes long and Repulsor make every second count. This is high speed, high aggression Thrash.

A good sound means that the band make the most of the time given to impress. This is Old-School Thrash Metal that would have been comfortably at home in the 80’s.

Megadeth are the most obvious reference point, although splashes of Testament and Exodus are also to be heard.

The band play the music well and the tracks are nicely written. The guitars are a particular high point and there are some tasty riffs thrown out, especially on R.M.D.H.

I still feel kind of saturated on Thrash Metal at the moment, but that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy this; Repulsor have enough talent to be eminently listenable and Trapped in a Nightmare is anything but nightmarish.

Overall, I’d say good work. A nice sound, good solos and some catchy songs mean Repulsor are welcome to visit any time they like. Good band logo too.

Give them a listen.