Panikk – Discarded Existence (Review)

PanikkPanikk are a thrash metal band from Slovenia and this is their second album.

Panikk play old-school thrash metal influenced by the US scene. Fans of Anthrax, Forbidden, Exodus, etc. should lap this up.

Authentic and honest, this album gets down to the business of shredding and tearing, and business is good.

The songs are full of energy and sharp riffs. Catchy parts are frequent, with a lot of the guitars playing a central role in my enjoyment of this album. There are some good solos thrown out too.

For the most part thrash metal is about playing fast; Panikk do this well, but they also toss in a decent amount of mid-paced and slower parts to keep things interesting.

The singer does his best impression of his heroes from the Bay Area and pulls his performance off admirably.

Discarded Existence is 40 minutes of solid, enjoyable thrash metal.


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