Destruction/Flotsam and Jetsam/Enforcer/Nervosa – Manchester Club Academy, 06/10/16 (Live Review)

Destruction Flyer

How often do you get to see a thrash metal package like this? Not often, that’s for sure.


Nervosa Live

Having arrived in good time only to discover that the venue don’t have the guest list, I end up missing half of Nervosa’s set. Due to their latest album Agony being a firm recent favourite of mine, to say I’m disappointed is an understatement.

So, once I’m in the evening is off to a strong start, however, as the songs that I do catch are very enjoyable. With a sound that seems to get stronger the more they play and a decent amount of stage presence, Nervosa certainly put on a good performance. The band get a good reaction from the crowd, even getting a mosh pit going for their final track of the night.

Definitely worth a watch.


Enforcer Live 1

I’m sorry to say that I’m only a relatively recent convert to Enforcer. Having only recently discovered it; last year’s album From Beyond is such a ludicrously strong and enjoyable collection of metal anthems that I was very excited to be able to experience them live.

The secret to Enforcer’s success is an incredibly catchy and honest mix of old-school heavy metal and thrash, mixed with just the right amount of hair metal.

Watching the band on stage it’s honestly like they’re from another era. This is reinforced when the singer tells the crowd to get out their cigarette lighters mid-song. Well, I haven’t heard that for quite some time…

Speaking of their singer, he has bucketloads of charisma and stage attitude, and seems born to front a metal band.

Enforcer Live 2

Enforcer play with all of their heart and the songs translate effortlessly well into the live environment, despite an essentially average sound quality to parts of the live mix.

By the time they’re on their third song, (the latest album’s title track), I’m well and truly captivated, and not even the sound gremlins can dampen enthusiasms too much. The crowd sing the chorus emphatically and it’s clear that Enforcer have won over most of the venue early.

In addition to some older songs that I don’t know, (but are still massively enjoyable despite this), we also get a Misfits cover to spice things up even further. I have to say that their own colourful material is the main highlight though.

The band have access to so many good riffs it’s silly. They wheel these out with such wild abandon during their show that it’s almost impossible to stand still. And why would you want to?

If you ever get the chance to go and see Enforcer live, just do it.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Flotsam and Jetsam Live

I confess that Flotsam and Jetsam have managed to pass me by over the decades. Even though they’re quite the veterans at this point and I’ve heard a few songs here and there, I’m essentially unfamiliar with their music.

Well, despite knowing none of the songs it turns out it’s very easy to like them live. They obviously know what they’re doing on stage and they put on a good show that goes down well.

They have a strong and largely clear live sound, which obviously helps, but they’re quite a revelation to me. Their songs hit the spot nicely and the majority of the crowd seem to lap it up. Although I can’t comment on their choice of songs, people seem happy with what they play. Their announcement, for example, that they are going to play the very first song off their very first album, (Hammerhead), is greeted with a lot of cheers and generates the second mosh pit of the evening after Nervosa’s earlier one.

The band definitely put on a good show with solid performances all-round, and it’s very satisfying seeing such a long-serving band that are still so obviously passionate about their craft. They have an instantly likeable frontman too.

I conclude quite early on that it’s a damn shame I haven’t properly given them the proper time before now, as based on their performance tonight I’ve been missing out.

By the end of their set I’m 100% sold. They were great.


Destruction Live 1

After an evening of quality metal, it’s time for the legendary Destruction to take to the stage. After being around for over three decades, it’s safe to say that they know how to put on a live show and from the moment they take the stage it’s thrash metal heaven.

Their aggressive brand of thrash always hits the spot and the band have so many classic songs it’s impossible to fit them all in and please everyone. Having said that, there’s not a whiff of any form of disappointment from the crowd and Destruction own the venue from start to finish.

Tearing up the stage like the consummate professionals that they are, the band rip into the material with relish. The older songs flow and mix flawlessly with their newer tracks, a testament to how good Destruction actually are at writing top-notch thrash metal.

The band have a very good live mix it must be said. It’s impressive how they manage to reproduce their album sound so faithfully live, with the singer’s distinctive snarling rasp leading the way. In fact, the singer has such a formidable stage presence it’s quite something to behold.

Destruction Live 2

There’s a mosh pit from the very first song they play, (the title track of their new album Under Attack), and the crowd are obviously very happy they’ve come to experience these thrash masters in the flesh. “I think we need a bigger moshpit”, the singer opines at one point, before launching into Nailed to the Cross. Although not huge, the crowd does its best to oblige.

Dedicating Thrash Attack to the departed bassist of Evile, they proceed to do exactly that; followed closely by Black Death, Destruction are on fire.

The Butcher Strikes Back is a particular favourite of mine, so I’m glad this gets an airing. They mock-end on this before returning for a little more thrash action before the curfew. Unexpectedly, when they come back on stage they’re joined by an extra guitarist, (ex-Evile), and their sound is now even beefier with this extra guitar attack. They end with Bestial Invasion and everyone is happy.

Tonight Destruction were on top form and simply can’t be beaten. I can’t wait to see them again in the future.


Destruction Stage Times

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