Dawn of Solace – Flames of Perdition (Review)

Dawn of Solace - Flames of PerditionThis is the third album from Finnish melodic metal band Dawn of Solace.

Blending elements of melodic, doom, and Gothic metal into a melancholic whole, Flames of Perdition is a mournful feast of emotive metallic delights. Bands such as Katatonia, Soliloquium, Insomnium, Mercury Circle, and Ghost Brigade are all decent reference points for Dawn of Solace’s music, (minus any harsh vocals; Dawn of Solace use only cleans), and fans of those bands will find much to enjoy here.

It’s apparent very early on that Dawn of Solace know how to write a good tune. The songs on Flames of Perdition are well-crafted, structured, and arranged, all with the aim of imparting deep feelings of sorrow and gloom via heart-rending melodic metal. Despite the very competent music, a less than competent singer could easily ruin a band like this, but fear not, for that’s not an issue here; the singer Dawn of Solace have is very strong, and his voice is rich with power and sombre emotion.

Although certainly striking and quite captivating upon first encounter, the quality of the music grows over time. Repeated visits to the band’s sorrow-filled world reveal greater and greater depths, and a long-term expedition to reveal the music’s hidden deeps is recommended.

Flames of Perdition is a textured and emotive album, rich in melancholic musical layers and delivered by professionals that know their material well. If you have a taste for this sort of melodic metal then I urge you not to miss out on this.

Highly recommended.

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