Sinister Downfall – A Dark Shining Light (Review)

Sinister Downfall - A Dark Shining LightThis is the second album from Sinister Downfall, a one-man funeral doom band from Germany.

A Dark Shining Light contains 51 minutes downbeat, mournful music. Slow and moody, this is funeral doom that’s solemn and relentlessly engaging.

This is a very emotive album, rich in atmosphere. The despair-filled guitars craft a dirge so thick you could drown in it. The lonesome leads drip with raw pain given musical form, and tastefully-delivered synths and piano add further layers to the funereal procession.

All of this is shaped into lengthy songs that make the most of their playing time. Structure and doom-laden dynamics have been considered, with the aim of maximising the anguished emotive atmosphere. There’s a lot here to gratify on first listen, but it’s after repeated visits when you really start to appreciate that there’s a good amount of nuance here too; subtle melodies that lurk just beneath the surface, for example.

The vocals are the sort of deep growls that you would associate with the style, and very well-performed. They’re so deeply dark and rough around the edges that they seem to merge with the music at a cellular level. Where do they end and the grim distortion begin?

I really enjoyed A Dark Shining Light, and would recommend it to any fan of funeral/atmospheric doom metal.

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