Orbit Culture – Shaman (Review)

Orbit Culture - ShamanThis is the latest EP from Orbit Culture, a Swedish metal band.

Following on from 2020’s NijaShaman contains 25 minutes of new material. If you’re a fan of modern metal that mixes groove metal, thrash, metalcore , and deathcore together, then Shaman is a meaty and satisfying hit of heaviness.

These new tracks are packed with beefy riffs and envenomed hooks. The songs are simple and straightforward, which is part of their appeal; designed with the live environment in mind, they are energetic, instantly appealing, and catchy.

The strong first impression delivered by Shaman is cemented upon repeated spins by Orbit Culture’s solid grasp of songwriting, structure, dynamics, and pacing. Amidst the attention-grabbing rhythmic heaviness exist creative nuances and subtle atmospheric enhancements, both of which add depth and replayability to the songs.

Orbit Culture’s new EP is a resounding success and definitely leaves me eager to experience these songs in the live arena.

Very highly recommended.

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