Selbst – Relatos de Angustia (Review)

Selbst - Relatos de AngustiaThis is the second album from one-man black metal band Selbst, originally from Venezuela, and now Chile. He’s backed up by guests, including clean vocals from a member of Ty.

Here we have 42 minutes of textured black metal that embraces a range of styles and influences to produce a very enjoyable and captivating slice of modern darkness.

The album is influenced by the classic Norwegian second wave style, but then is updated with reference to the dissonant French and Icelandic scenes. Additionally, you can also hear the forceful aspect of the Polish style, as well as elements of post-black metal resplendence. The end result is an album that has quite a bit going on, but combines these various ingredients well, making for a very enjoyable collection of tracks.

The songs are aggressive and sharp, with emotive melodies and serrated riffs offset by the harsh brutality of most of the vocals. The music mainly concentrates on uptempo fury, but this is tempered by the more textured aspects of the band’s sound, fostering a depth of delivery within the maelstrom of the band’s own creation that’s quite immersive.

The songwriting is strong; the artist behind the band has a good grasp of how this sort of modern black metal works, as well was as a firm understanding of dynamics, structure, and emotion. Merging the various influences could have resulted in something messy and weak, but the songs on Relatos de Angustia are tight, focused, multifaceted, and very satisfying. There’s a lot to discover and get to grips with here, and the album rewards multiple spins quite handsomely.

Relatos de Angustia is a very enjoyable album that takes the listener on a journey into an aggressively textured world filled with layered darkness and blackened wrath.

Very high recommended.

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