Endon – Boy Meets Girl (Review)

Endon - Boy Meets GirlEndon are a Japanese experimental post-hardcore band and this is their third album.

Holy crap, what the Hell is this? I looove it when you stumble blindly upon something as unexpectedly individual as this, especially when it’s done so well. Done poorly, this would be unlistenable nonsense, (and I’m sure there are some that would regard this as such), but Endon have a talent, it seems, for producing unusual, non-easy listening music. Scathing noise, raw punk, and malignant metal all combine into…what, exactly?

Hmmm, okay – I’ve tagged this experimental post-hardcore as it’s probably the closest thing to loosely describing the exceptional music that Endon have produced on Boy Meets Girl, but really there’s so much going on here that classifying this album simply or easily is just not going to happen. This usually means a band that are producing something quite atypical, and Endon certainly qualify for that descriptor.

The promo blurb tells us that Boy Meets Girl was apparently envisioned as “a soundtrack to an imagined horror film about love.” I can see that; the music has the feel and scope of a cinematic work, albeit one that’s mutated and twisted into something that you definitely won’t hear on your standard summer blockbuster fare. Despite its wide-range, it’s well-structured and the tracks have a good flow. It definitely comes across as a soundtrack in some ways, and works as an uncomfortable and horrifying journey in which the listener is dragged through warped soundscapes of harrowing depth.

Containing elements of metal, hardcore, noise, grindcore, black metal, dance, doom, and electronics, Endon’s music is multifaceted and constantly evolving. Layered with noise and effects, as well as who knows what else, Endon’s complete assault on the senses is invigorating and surprisingly engrossing. Each song sounds different from the others, and has its own place and purpose in the band’s overall vision for their fictional story.

As well as the distinct and impressive musical aspects of this album, credit should definitely go to the band’s unhinged singer; his various screams and howls are worthy of high praise and note for his diverse delivery and superhuman vocal gymnastics.

So, imagine a corrupted collection of terrifying horrorscapes, like a hideous amalgamation of artists such as Merzbow, The Armed, Full of Hell, Fantômas, and The Body, and you’ll still only be partly along the path to understanding what Boy Meets Girl sounds like.

For those that enjoy challenging music, this is an essential listen.

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