The Body – I Have Fought Against It, but I Can’t Any Longer (Review)

The BodyThis is the sixth album from US experimental sludge band The Body.

After 2016’s monstrous No One Deserves Happiness, and their sterling collaboration with Full of Hell, we now have another 50 minutes of harsh sounds that merge industrial, noise, sludge, doom, and electronics together into a captivating whole.

The Body pretty much only sound like The Body. In musical terms this is one of the highest compliments a band can receive in many ways. Of course, The Body deserve such comments, as their music is as affecting as it is harrowing.

On this latest release The Body once more offer us up a beguiling mix of beauty and ugliness. The cruellest and most abrasive forms of noise and extreme metal mix willfully and easily with elements of pop, hip hop, and classical, to create a true hybrid beast that has a dark heart half-hidden beneath the layers of musicality and dissonant harshness. This is the paradox of The Body that makes their work so effective. This juxtaposition and smashing together of different styles that do not usually go together probably shouldn’t work, but the skill of the band is such that it very much does. In many ways this is embodied in the moments when inhuman male howling screams are set alongside hauntingly emotional and luscious female singing. However, it transcend just vocals, and is manifest in all parts of the band’s music.

Although this latest release shares similarities with the band’s previous works, I’d say that I Have Fought Against It, but I Can’t Any Longer is even more varied than its predecessor. It’s clear that a lack of ideas and imagination is not something that The Body suffer from.

A deeply dark record, yet with moments of ethereal beauty and uplifting resplendence, I Have Fought Against It, but I Can’t Any Longer is an emotive and compelling listen that once again reveals The Body as a truly individual proposition, deserving of the special and unique place that the artists have created for themselves in the extreme metal landscape.

Horrifyingly gorgeous.

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