Illimitable Dolor/Promethean Misery – Split (Review)

Illimitable Dolor Promethean Misery - SplitIllimitable Dolor and Promethean Misery are both from Australia, and both play variants of doom metal.

This is my first experience of Illimitable Dolor, which is a shame, as they come highly recommended, (and also feature members of the very enjoyable funeral doom band The Slow Death), but I’ve never heard them before this. Here they offer us two tracks, clocking in at 26 minutes in total.

The band’s sound is one of monolithic heaviness, of distorted grief and melodic woe. The music’s keyboard-enhanced misery is quite compelling, and the slow, glacial march of the songs is majestic in its atmospheric unfurling. These funeral dirges are both very gratifying, but I especially enjoy the colossal 19-minute Tamtu.

A win for Illimitable Dolor. Definitely a band I’m keen to hear more from.

Regular readers of this site should be familiar with the seductively gloomy output of the artist behind Promethean Misery. Her vision of how doom metal should sound is informed by the classic Peaceville years of the 90s, while being filtered through her own individual lens; rather than guitars, electric violin is used. Her music up to this point has been both affecting and emotive, and the two tracks that make up this split are no exception.

These two tracks, lasting over 27 minutes in total, demonstrate the artist’s brand of gorgeous doom metal darkness and luscious, textured beauty, very well. Her compositional skills continue to get better too, it seems; a greater sense of dynamics and space infuses these tracks, as does the use of restraint, and conversely knowing when to unleash the full weight of powerful doom on the listener. Her ethereal voice is once again put to good use, and both of these tracks are extremely moreish with their mood-building and immersive depth.

Full of atmosphere, dark emotion, and rich delivery, these two songs once again show why this artist is so well-regarded.

This is a quality split that certainly provides both value for money and high quality content. Both bands complement each other well, providing the listener with different aspects of slow, mournful doom metal to explore. Make sure you give this a listen.

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