Ill Omen – The Grande Usurper (Review)

Ill OmenIll Omen is a one man Australian black metal band and this is his latest EP.

Having enjoyed Ill Omen’s split with Slaughtbbath, it’s great to catch up with the latest work from this occult act.

Stylistically more primitive and less expansive, the music on this EP is blasphemous and obscene, revelling in the filth and darkness of the black metal underground.

Glimmers of melody and atmosphere can certainly be found in these malignant tracks, but the majority of the material is raw and punishing, full of blackened hatred. When it appears, the artist’s skill at deftly weaving abrasive atmosphere around scathingly blistering aggression is readily apparent. However, as stated above, The Grande Usurper spends most of its time unleashing bestial rage and grim aggression. But still, there’s more to this music than just a vicious assault, and it’s clear that the artist behind Ill Omen knows what he’s doing with his music.

The songs on The Grande Usurper are superficially raw and nasty, while also offering a deeper level of enjoyment through the sinister, occult auras that permeate this work like a virulent plague.

Check this out.

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