Stillbirth – Annihilation of Mankind (Review)

StillbirthThis is the fifth album from German death metallers Stillbirth.

This is unrelentingly brutal death metal, the variety that uses plenty of slam and deathcore influences to batter and bruise across the 44 minutes of material here. Elements of ferocious grindcore and modern death metal can also be heard.

Huge riffs, scathing grooves, and harsh blast beats are your guides across the devastated landscape that Stillbirth stalk through. The slam and deathcore elements are incorporated into Stillbirth’s assault well, being subsumed into the brutal death metal core of the band so that they never travel too far down this route before the inherent fury of the death metal takes over once more. It is a merging though, and Annihilation of Mankind features plenty of thunderous breakdowns in its playing time.

The songs are brutal and nasty, and contain plenty of energetic violence. There’s not much in the way of melody here, but little snatches of it appear here and there. I like that sometimes the band opt for an unusual/atypical riff/section, and sometimes this is enhanced by a decent dose of technicality too. It’s these moments that help the band to stand out.

The deathgrowls used on this release sound utterly monstrous and inhuman, running the range from shouted growls to deep, guttural pignoise. Backed up by acidic screams, the vocal performances are delivered with vigorous passion.

Bolstered by a suitably large and destructive production, the songs on Annihilation of Mankind do a lot of damage.

If you’re looking for some quality brutality with plenty of groove and blast, then you should check out Stillbirth.

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