Siege of Power – This Is Tomorrow (Review)

Siege of Power - This Is TomorrowThis is the second album from Siege of Power, an international death metal band.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands such as Asphyx, Autopsy, Hail of Bullets, and Soulburn, This Is Tomorrow is an experienced beast of snarling death, thrash, and classic metal.

Steeped in old-school 80s influences and wanton metallic energy, This Is Tomorrow is an album of song-based, hook-focused tracks. The riffs are meaty and crushing, and the vocals sickeningly visceral and varied. Taking elements from early death and thrash metal, alongside acts like Bathory and Venom, and then filtered through the band members’ skills, this is a 41-minute riot of violence.

With a thick, powerful sound these songs explode with vigour and steamroller heaviness. The well-written material has obviously been fashioned by masters of their trade, and it is easy to enjoy the record’s pummelling groove and the impressive vocal performance. The album is well-paced and more diverse than you might imagine. Tracks like Force Fed Fear have many obvious beefy metal selling points, yet it’s cuts like the mighty As the World Crumbles that I favour the most, with its doomy crawl and dense macabre mood.

This Is Tomorrow is a solid and satisfying slab of charismatic metal. Check this out for an assault of riffs and a brutal slap to the face.

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