Outre-Tombe – Abysse Mortifère (Review)

Outre-Tombe - Abysse MortifèreOutre-Tombe are a Canadian death metal band and this is their third album.

Outre-Tombe are here to supply all of your old-school death metal needs. Looking for something grotesque and foul, populated with enough bloody riffs to keep you going for months? They got you covered. Want some gnarled thrash on the side for a bit of an edge? Done! A pinch of punk for extra bite? They can stretch to that too. Outre-Tombe are coming to a fetid swamp near you soon, don’t miss out!

So; 37 minutes of old-school heaviness inspired by the likes of Autopsy, Dismember, Bolt Thrower, and Entombed, (according to the promo blurb). It’s filthy, it’s ugly, it’s disgusting. It’s also very good.

This is nasty stuff. The songs are raw and barbaric heaving organic masses of hideous teeth and claws. Despite this, they’re well-written and well-crafted. There are a fair few catchy hooks and memorable moments for something so underground too. Also, although not a highly melodic band, when Outre-Tombe do unleash a cutting melodic lead, you know about it, and it strikes home with gross fleshy impact.

The band clearly know the style well, and this is as authentic a slab of 80s/90s worship as you’re likely to encounter this year or any other. This is pure, unadulterated OLDE DEATH METAL, and it is a damn fine listen.

Highly recommended.

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