Mortuous – Upon Desolation (Review)

Mortuous - Upon DesolationThis is the second album from US death metallers Mortuous.

Featuring current and ex-members of bands like Exhumed, Necrot, Rude, Swamp Witch, and VastumUpon Desolation contains 38 minutes of brutal doom-infected death metal carnage.

Do you like old-school death metal? Do you like it well-written and dripping with ancient malevolence? Do cavernous guttural growls hit that spot for you? Do you yearn for a mix of brutality and mournful moods? If so, you have come to the right place. Incantation, Autopsy, etc. are the obvious reference points for Mortuous’ sound, but the band have their own well-defined voice within this.

Mortuous know how to write a good death metal tune, that’s plainly apparent. Their material strikes the right balance between a few different aspects of the style – brutal intensity, meaty riffs, gloomy doom, memorable creative embellishments, (such as bass breaks and violin), and atmospheric darkness. The band assemble these various parts into very enjoyable and satisfying songs that reap the benefits of the classic death metal style, while delivering them with contemporary skill and energy.

Upon Desolation is an album that is very easy to take a shine to. The band’s skill for their work is obvious, and the songs strong enough to keep the listener returning again and again for more punishment.

Very highly recommended.

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