Lurk – Fringe (Review)

LurkThis is the third album from Finnish sludge/doom band Lurk.

Now here’s an album that’s all about texture and atmosphere. Fringe is a cross between bands such as Neurosis, Inter Arma, Sea of Bones, and labelmates Jupiterian, to name but a few. However, on Fringe the band display their own dark personality, and are firmly convincing in their own right. Continue reading “Lurk – Fringe (Review)”

Ghold – Stoic (Review)

GholdGhold are a UK doom/sludge band and this is their newest album.

Ghold mix doom, sludge, noise rock, and psychedelic, progressive workouts into their style, producing music that sounds more like Ghold than it does anyone else. Continue reading “Ghold – Stoic (Review)”