Kurokuma – Born of Obsidian (Review)

Kurokuma - Born of ObsidianThis is the debut album from Kurokuma, a doom/sludge band from the UK.

Both times that I’ve encountered Kurokuma, (2016’s Advorsus and 2019’s Sheffield’s Best Metal Bands Vol. 1), I’ve liked what I’ve heard, and now it’s finally time for their long-awaited debut album to see the light of day. The band have been slowly gathering Continue reading “Kurokuma – Born of Obsidian (Review)”

Kurokuma – Advorsus (Review)

KurokumaKurokuma are a UK sludge/doom band and this is their debut EP.

It’s time for Kurokuma to bring the heavy. These three songs are oppressively weighty, consisting of sludgy doom metal with enough intensity to crush a bus.

It’s good that the band know how to add nuance though, as this just makes their music more in-depth and increases its longevity. To this end, elements of psychedelic drone appear here and there, meaning that not only can Kurokuma floor you with their heaviness, but they can also entrance with moody atmosphere. Continue reading “Kurokuma – Advorsus (Review)”