Ghold – Stoic (Review)

GholdGhold are a UK doom/sludge band and this is their newest album.

Ghold mix doom, sludge, noise rock, and psychedelic, progressive workouts into their style, producing music that sounds more like Ghold than it does anyone else.

I first caught up with Ghold on 2013’s Judas Goat, and have enjoyed their work since. The band have developed and progressed their sound, while still remaining true to their roots, creating engaging and enjoyable heavy music that can loosely be termed doom/sludge, but encompasses so much more too.

Stoic contains 45 minutes of music that’s distinctly out of the ordinary. Merging psychedelic and ritualistic qualities, with progressive sludge and doom heaviness, I find it quite easy to become drawn into the world that Ghold create with these tracks.

The album is very atmospheric, be that softly and gradually, or harshly and instantly. There’s a great variety in texture, speed, mood, and content across the release, and each song has it’s own allure.

Ghold’s distinctive vocals are forged by all three band members, and is yet another way that the band sound out of the ordinary. Not quite shouts, not quite cleans, not quite chants, they’re frequently composed of variations of all three, and wind around the percussive, expressive music like something both alien and intimate.

Stoic is another high quality release from Ghold, one that is worth checking out by anyone into non-standard heaviness.

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