Teodolit – Entropy (Review)

Teodolit - EntropyThis is the latest EP from Russian death metallers Teodolit.

With a duration of 16 minutes Entropy offers us a relatively brief taste of what Teodolit are all about. Featuring a member of Devourer, Teodolit play death metal with plenty of 90s influences, but also cast their net a bit wider than just this too.

Brutal and unforgiving, this is music that is made for destruction. The blast beats seem unstoppable, but when they actually do stop, Teodolit are equally punishing with huge chugs or a good selection of malevolent riffs. This is a band that write songs to crush the listener into a fine paste. They’re not adverse to a bit of imperious atmosphere either though, as the end of opening cut Be Fruitful and Multiply ably demonstrates. They do endings rather well actually; check out blistering and barbarous finale of Rose out of Chaos, as another example.

The songs are primarily of the classic style, although there are a few moments here and there where some more modern influences make themselves known. Elements of thrash can be heard here and there, as well as black metal, albeit to a lesser extent.

The vocals are well-delivered with character and more diversity than you usually get in death metal. The singer has a good voice, and she uses it well across a range of styles, including deep growls, raw screams, and charismatic shouts.

The songs are well-written and have many things to recommend them. Entropy is a solid EP that showcases Teodolit’s talents well. It’s easy to just throw it on again once it’s finished to bask in its brutal presence once again.

Now, more please!


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