Entheos – Time Will Take Us All (Review)

Entheos - Time Will Take Us AllEntheos are a progressive death metal band from the US and this is their third album.

Entheos play a technical and progressive form of modern death metal. Time Will Take Us All offers 40 minutes of complexity and intricate delivery. This is then melded with the melodic strands of modern death metal as well as the technical and progressive metal styles. The end result is a compelling album with a lot to explore.

This is music with a contemporary sound that also takes influence from some of the technical greats from the past. You can hear echoes of Cynic and Atheist in Entheos’ sound, alongside more modern acts from the technical spheres of metal and death metal. I’m also reminded of Mudvayne in places; although they sound different overall, there’s a side to the band that recalls Mudvayne’s ability to combine atypical riffs and ideas into an accessible whole. To Entheos’ credit though, they have given their music a life of its own, and even though you may sometimes be reminded of another band here and there, it’s only a passing reference, and Entheos do well to imbue their material with its own powerful voice.

Time Will Take Us All is a worthy experience, one that’s best listened to as a whole. Each song flows well and merges with its neighbour. There are nine individual songs here, but they move from one to the next with fluid skill and ease. The music is diverse too, ranging from pure technical fury with raging growls and serrated screams, to light introspection with clean singing. In between these they cover a lot of ground. Much of the material consists of precision groove, wandering bass, surgical blast beats, and jagged riffs, but this simple description doesn’t really do justice to how these component parts are applied and arranged.

One of the key factors in the success of Time Will Take Us All is despite how technical or complex it is, the band never sacrifice the needs of the song to achieve their aims. Entheos’ songwriting is very strong, and the album follows on from this. There’s a whole host of engaging music on this record, as well as a number of hooks and a depth of emotive appeal and atmospheric range that’s unexpected.

Entheos have crafted a technical slab of contemporary heavy music that’s surprising moreish and enjoyable. They have put their own stamp on a style where many standout bands operate, and have created an album that exists on its own merits. Time Will Take Us All is a journey into technical music that isn’t lacking in heart, melody, or atmosphere where it counts.

Very highly recommended indeed.

For fans of acts such as The Zenith Passage, Obscura, Soreption, Fallujah, The Faceless, Archspire, Spawn of Possession, etc.


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