Majesties – Vast Reaches Unclaimed (Review)

Majesties - Vast Reaches UnclaimedThis is the debut album from US death metal band Majesties.

Brought to us by members of Inexorum and Obsequiae, Vast Reaches Unclaimed delivers 39 minutes of melodic death metal played in the classic, old-school Gothenburg style.

Majesties channel the spirit of 90s melodic death metal very well. If you’re a fan of that era’s output from acts like At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, and Eucharist then I’m sure that Vast Reaches Unclaimed will have much to hold your attention. Thrown in a bit of Dissection too, and you have a surefire winner. If you think of Vast Reaches Unclaimed as a slightly blackened version of In Flames with the singer of At the Gates, and that’ll give you a good idea of what to expect.

The songs are fast and intense, and charged with a vigorous melodic energy that’s intoxicating. This is a record that feels unabashedly old-school in its execution, and shockingly authentic too, yet is also remarkably vibrant in delivery. The latter is especially surprising given how much of a well-worn style this is. It comes down to the ability of Majesties to dig deep  back to the root of the style before other elements started to creep in – there’s no hardcore influences or clean vocals here, for example. The only part of Vast Reaches Unclaimed that does deviate from the original template is the inclusion of melodic black metal influences. However, these are so well-incorporated that you’d swear they were always there anyway. They complement the melodic death metal core so perfectly that it would be churlish to object.

Majesties deal in pure metallic power. Driven by twin guitar leads and an endless stock of riffs that seem to have been in storage for the last few decades, these songs are moreish, hook-filled, and near-guaranteed to hit the spot if you’re a fan of the style.

With a high standard of musicianship throughout and a solid and appropriate production, Vast Reaches Unclaimed is an enjoyable record through and through.

Very highly recommended.


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