Omega Infinity – The Anticurrent (Review)

Omega Infinity - The AnticurrentThis is the second album from international black metal band Omega Infinity.

Brought to us by members of Ne Obliviscaris and Todtgelichter, The Anticurrent is a 49-minute journey into the realms of cosmic black metal, (or 57 minutes with the bonus Sear Bliss and Emperor covers).

Oh my. Something malignant and ancient has been brought into the light from aeons in the blackness between galaxies, something very different to what is usually seen. Prepare yourself for this one.

The Anticurrent provides us with a form of atypical black metal that contains elements of death metal and electronic/industrial enhancements. The music is harsh and unforgiving, and not for those uninitiated into the spacefaring extreme metal void. Parts of the music are grandiose and richly atmospheric, whereas others are brutally searing and cold. Others still are ambient and spacious, allowing the listener respite in a deadly environment, while at other times the music is jarringly dissonant and chaotic, and near-impenetrable in its density.

These songs are full of strange sounds and textures. It’s a striking style that Omega Infinity have created. On the one hand it’s reminiscent of the more experimental and industrial-edged black metal of the late 90s, but on the other it also reminds me of some of the more modern underground sci-fi-themed atmospheric black metal that we have been treated to over the last few years. It’s like an unheralded amalgamation of both, resulting in something quite unusual.

For a, (very rough), guide, imagine a mix of acts such as …And OceansMesarthimMare CognitumSpectral Lore, Dødheimsgard, and Aborym.

The Anticurrent is not what I was expecting. It offers a far more challenging journey, at least in places, than anticipated. The rewards are there for those that persevere, however. Multiple spins sees musical lines that initially appear completely disconnected join together in bewildering ways, revealing jagged soundscapes of dark extrasolar splendour.

This album has really struck a chord with me. Hitting that sweet spot I mentioned above between old and new visions of cosmic/industrial/experimental/whatever black metal, The Anticurrent keeps drawing me back to explore its labyrinthine ways. It doesn’t give up its secrets easily, but then the best albums rarely do.

If you’re feeling bold and adventurous, then Omega Infinity have such sights so show you.


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