Megaton Sword – Might & Power (Review)

Megaton Sword - Might & PowerMegaton Sword are a heavy metal band from Switzerland and this is their second album.

Containing a member of Forlet SiresMight & Power is a 39-minute romp into true heavy metal waters. Break out the weaponry, as it’s time to go rampaging.

Might & Power is a classic heavy metal album through and through. Packed with strong songs, rousing choruses, timeless riffs, and top performances all-round, it’s an album of effortless enjoyment and countless hooks.

This is simple and effective traditional heavy metal, with no frills. Elements of the epic and power metal variants can be heard, but essentially this is as true heavy metal as it gets in most ways. Not in all ways, however, as you can also hear hard rock and 70s influences here and there. This sort of album live or dies by the strength of its songwriting, and I’m pleased to say that Megaton Sword will continue to live to ply their metallic trade for some time yet.

The vocals are provided by a singer who seems to have quite a versatile voice, to the point that in places it sounds the band have more than one singer or guest vocalists. Apparently neither is the case, and instead he just has the ability to sound like more than one person.

For fans of the original heavy metal style there is much to enjoy here, and I would definitely recommend it. Megaton Sword are easy to like and enjoy.


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