Gomorra – Dealer of Souls (Review)

Gomorra - Dealer of SoulsGomorra are a heavy metal band from Switzerland and this is their second album.

Featuring members of Comaniac and Destruction, Gomorra combine heavy, thrash, and power metal into 49 minutes of well-executed music.

Dealer of Souls is a well-crafted and professional old-school metal album. Thrash metal influences underpin much of the material, while heavy and power metal elements round out the music’s appeal well, delivering hooks and catchiness aplenty for the listener to grasp hold of with both gauntlets. This is a real True Metal feast, and Gomorra satisfy and satiate. Although you can hear plenty of 80s influences, there are also a few unexpected 90s ones too. For a rough idea of the band’s sound, think of a cross between acts like Iced Earth, Grip Inc., Judas Priest, Anthrax, Blind Guardian, and Annihilator.

The album is packed with riffs. Wherever you look there’s another one, either complemented by a bright lead, a molten solo, or some soaring singing. It’s a crunchy banquet of melodic metal, one that’s packed with good songs and strong choruses. Dealer of Souls is very moreish and easy to enjoy if you have a taste for classic metal that’s delivered with modern ability.

I like the singer’s voice very much. He showcases his range very well across the album, from deeper vocals to the very high. Everything is performed with passion and obvious skill, and his voice fits the music nicely. The singer of Burning Witches guests on one song too, and she is great to hear.

Yep, Dealer of Souls is definitely one for those that enjoy classic heavy, power, and thrash metal. It brings together its influences well, and delivers a roaring metal album of good songs and memorable hooks.

Very highly recommended.


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