Iced Earth – Incorruptible (Review)

Iced EarthIced Earth are a US power/heavy metal band and this is their 12th album.

A new Iced Earth album is always an event. After being around for almost 30 years at this point, this is a band that know what they’re doing.

Although Iced Earth haven’t always been the most consistent, they still have always been worth a listen. With Incorruptible the band have definitely regained a certain fire and energy that some of their mid-period work could sometimes lack. It’s all down, of course, to the quality of the songs and having the skill to pull them off; on Incorruptible the band have both of these.

The 2017 incarnation of Iced Earth has delivered us 55 minutes of striking heavy metal. The album is chock-full of catchy songs and memorable music. Boasting both high-impact instant-appeal as well as enough substance and depth to ensure longevity, this album is a quality all-round winner.

The music is carefully crafted by the hand of a veteran who knows this style inside out and has been instrumental in influencing its course over the decades. With such a rich history and back catalogue to draw influence from, it’s no wonder that Incorruptible is as shamelessly enjoyable and as relatively diverse as it is. Iced Earth know metal, and Incorruptible is metal deep into its marrow.

The production is, of course, immaculate; full-bodied and well-rounded. The same can also be said of the band’s singer; his voice is superbly used across all of these tracks. His performance, like that of all of the members of the band, is first-rate.

Alongside recent releases by Kaledon and Dragonforce, Incorruptible is a massively enjoyable example of how to do power/heavy metal right in 2017.

So, the new Iced Earth – very enjoyable and very distinguished. Incorruptible is a highly recommended listen.

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