Monthly Overview – the Best of November 2022

November has a track record of producing some very strong metal records, and it seems that the November of 2022 is no different. Bask in the glory of the below metallic offerings!

Judicator - The Majesty of Decay

Judicator’s The Majesty of Decay is just an amazing power metal album, it’s as simple as that. With immaculately crafted songs that just won’t leave you alone, this is an essential album for any fan of the style.

Disillusion - Ayam

Ayam was my first encounter with Disillusion, but it’s an incredibly potent one. This is a progressive metal tour de force of great songwriting and emotive impact. Don’t miss out.

Kassogtha - rEvolve

Kassogtha were an unexpected revelation, and rEvolve really shows off what modern progressive death metal is capable of. Combining sharp aggression with wonderful singing and technical ability, this is an album that just might surprise you.

Dream Unending - Song of SalvationSong of Salvation is a doom metal highlight, a shimmering journey of ethereal sights and otherworldly sounds. With Dream Unending as your guide, this is a worldbuilding experience not to be missed.

High Command - Eclipse of the Dual Moons

Eclipse of the Dual Moons is a thrash metal monster. High Command are fully fledged thrash kings, and this album is full of crunchy heaviness and moreish energy.


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