Phobophilic – Enveloping Absurdity (Review)

Phobophilic - Enveloping AbsurdityThis is the debut album from US death metallers Phobophilic.

Phobophilic combine the esoteric approach of Demilich, with the malevolent nature of Morbid Angel, and the crushing heaviness of Incantation. Fans of the output of bands such as Tomb Mold, Immolation, Worm, Ossuarium, Outer Heaven, and Blood Incantation need to pay attention to this.

Across 38 minutes Phobophilic pummel with brutal heaviness and absolutely flattening doom workouts. World-ending riffs and growls that sound as if they’re swallowing entire continents form the bedrock of Phobophilic’s imposing music, while the songs slither and slide into malefic shapes that defy physics. Churning riffs, otherworldly melodic accents, malignant groove, interdimensional psychedelia, and barbaric intensity are all unleashed with superlative songwriting smarts, and atop everything sits an atypical macabre atmosphere that’s downright horrifying.

Enveloping Absurdity is oppressive and ugly death metal. It is dark and evil, and doesn’t abandon its quest to deliver the foulest brand of underground extremity it possibly can. Yet, despite this, much of the material is undeniably catchy and memorable in ways that this sort of music typically isn’t. How the band manage to write riffs that can simultaneously flay skin and stick in your head for days at a time is beyond me, but I’m glad somebody can.

The songwriting skills of the band shine darkly throughout this material, and the death metal gods laugh and smile down upon the carnage that Phobophilic unleash. This is old-school death metal done very right, and Enveloping Absurdity is a monstrous hit.

Essential listening for any fan of classic death metal.

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