Venom Inc. – There’s Only Black (Review)

Venom Inc. - There's Only BlackThis is the second album from Venom Inc., a thrash metal band from the UK.

Featuring two members of the legendary Venom, as well as a current and ex-member of bands such as Inhuman Condition, Kill Division, and Wombbath on drums, There’s Only Black contains 54 minutes of raging metallic heaviness that should have any fan of old-school thrash metal salivating.

As you would expect, given the name, Venom Inc. take the classic Venom sound as a starting point, only to give it an extra spiky thrash kick. The songs on this album are a charismatic mix of heavy and thrash metal, delivered with a blackened kiss and a venomous bite. Throw in a healthy influence from bands like Slayer and Sodom and a helping of Motörhead, and you have a record that’s pretty damn fun.

There’s Only Black is raw and ugly. Venom Inc. are all about the violence and aggression, and they know their trade very well. This record is blunt and harsh, but also has a firm understanding of classic song structure. This latter aspect of the Venom Inc. sound is a prime factor in why there are so many catchy moments and sharp hooks on There’s Only Black; this is a band that know how to write a good tune.

These songs are easy to like, and the singer’s gruff voice oozes personality. Even on first listen the music hits the spot, and on repeated spins the album’s old-school charms just work their black magicks; Venom Inc. simply deliver the goods.

There’s Only Black is a really solid and enjoyable slab of blackened heavy metal thrash. For a really satisfying feast of old-school thrash metal meatiness, look no further than this.

Very highly recommended.

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