Crown – The End of All Things (Review)

Crown - The End of All ThingsThis is the third album from French industrial band Crown.

I’m unfamiliar with Crown’s past work, but apparently The End of All Things is a complete departure from their older sound. Fair enough. If you’re new to the band like me, (or even if you’re not), Crown’s new album contains 46 minutes of industrial rock, akin to bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Gravity Kills, Aborym, Ulver, and One Second/Host-era Paradise Lost.

The songs are dark and moody, full of carefully woven atmosphere and nuanced electronic textures. Well-written and impeccably crafted, the music makes a very good impression and retains the listener’s attention over time, enabling the songs to really go to work and get their hooks in deep.

The singer delivers a very good performance across the album, and has a voice that’s very capable of handling this sort of material. His main vocals remind me of those of Nick Holmes more than anyone most of the time, but not enough to become distracting. The singer of Crown also uses a few other styles here and there as well. He’s joined by Karin Park of Årabrot on the last track too, which is a real treat.

The music is polished and recorded to perfection, but without losing any soul or character. These are the sort of songs that you can easily imagine playing in a dark nightclub, or even better, set to a highly stylised music video filmed in one.

The End of All Things is a quality release from a band that have a lot to offer fans of dark electronic rock.

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