Paradise Lost – One Second (Review)

Paradise LostThis is a remastered version of Paradise Lost’s classic 1997 album One Second.

What can you say about this album if you haven’t already heard it? It’s just so good.

Following up the metal masterpiece that was 1995’s Draconian Times was always going to be a tricky proposition, but the band certainly didn’t opt for taking the easy route of just copying what they did so well on that previous release.

Instead, they developed and progressed their sound into rockier, more emotive, more orchestral, more atmospheric, more anthemic, and arguably more commercial Gothic rock territories. As you can imagine, this was not without controversy at the time over their perceived new and ‘softer’ direction.

What was overlooked at the time, (by many at least), was just how stunning and involving an album One Second truly is. This was definitely a classic in the making.

Caught between the metal side of their earlier work, their burgeoning gothic rock persona, and the experimental atmospherics of their ‘controversial’, (read: phenomenal), album still to come, Host, One Second is Paradise Lost firing on all cylinders as they deliver hit after hit of first-rate songs.

Yes, on this album Paradise Lost hit a songwriting high, with almost every single part of this album delivering well-crafted, catchy, and hugely infectious material. Importantly though, this was all done in such a way that the album was a real triumph of substance, while also having considerable style too.

One Second is a classic album, with many classic songs, by one of the UK’s best bands. What’s not to love?

But, if you’re already a fan of Paradise Lost and know this album inside out, what’s the draw here? Why part with your well-earned money for this? This is always one of the key questions regarding remastered versions of albums. Well, apart from the sonic improvements to the album itself, the main selling point of this version is the inclusion of a full live show from the band – a whole 75 minutes of live material recorded in 1998.

Showcasing a wealth of their best songs drawn from many of their earlier albums, (including One Second, obviously), this recording is a real treat for fans of the band.

I’m a sucker for a good live show, but unfortunately many fall sort of delivering what they promise. I’m pleased to say, however, that the live recording included in this package hits the mark quite nicely.

So there you have it; one classic album, remastered, backed up by an extremely enjoyable live set.

Well worth it.

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