Inherited Extinction – Morai (Review)

Inherited Extinction - MoraiThis is the debut EP from US death metallers Inherited Extinction.

This three track EP contains 14 minutes of material, and is a promising start to the Inherited Extinction story.

The EP is raw and underground in nature, but you can tell from the band’s songwriting and delivery that they have ambitions above this. These songs are good, and deserve to be heard.

The band’s death metal is infused with melody and energetic enthusiasm. There’s a heavy bass presence in the music, which helps them thunder along quite nicely. The band have a good ear for a quality riff, and a thrash influence can be heard here and there, increasing the catchiness factor.

Overall this is a good start for Inherited Extinction. The band clearly have some promising songwriting skills, and just need to tighten up in a couple of areas and polish some edges for their next release. Regardless of this, Morai is a good introduction to the band, and I look forward to what they get up to in the future.

A recommended listen for fans of underground death metal that has the potential to be more than just this.

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