Årabrot – Norwegian Gothic (Review)

Årabrot - Norwegian GothicÅrabrot are a Norwegian rock band and this is their ninth album.

Norwegian Gothic is a complex, multifaceted listen. Årabrot specialise in a dark, avant-garde form of music that may take a diverse array of influences into itself, (noise rock, experimental, pop, punk, soul, metal, folk, industrial, etc.), but ultimately has a heart of rock ‘n’ roll that keeps things grounded.

This rock ‘n’ roll sensibility can be felt keenly in the quality of the songs. No matter what tangents the band go down, or what creative avenues they detour to explore, this love of pure, unadulterated rock keeps everything nicely focused.

80s pop influences clash with 90s noise ones. Cinematic grandeur mixes with gutter punk. Beefy guitars combine with sensitive melodies. Industrial beats rub shoulders with soulful earnestness. There really is a lot going on here, but Årabrot channel and focus this into songs that always hit their mark.

With 16 tracks that span 57 minutes, Årabrot have crafted a unique and special piece of art. Taking influence from a range of different styles, places, and artistic mediums spread out over decades, Årabrot have distilled this into an hour of contemporary rock music that sounds timeless and utterly captivating.

This is the sort of record that most bands dream of making, one that’s filled with individuality and depth, yet with a pop catchiness that’s infectious and compelling. Norwegian Gothic is a completely essential listen for any connoisseur of intelligent-yet-visceral rock music.

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