Monthly Overview – the Best of February 2021

As far as Februarys go, I found February 2021 to be quite exceptionally high in quality when it came to metal albums. Let’s dive in to some of the best from last month…

Ad Nauseam - Imperative Imperceptible Impulse

Imperative Imperceptible Impulse by Ad Nauseam is a truly monstrous album of dark, dissonant blackened death metal. This is a tour de force of malignant atmosphere, and one which deserves all the attention and praise that it’s rightfully getting.

Jours Pâles - Éclosion

Éclosion by Jours Pâles hit me far harder than I was expecting it to. A highly emotive and textured journey into expressive post-blackened waters, Éclosion is an album that keeps on giving. I hope you find as much worth and value here as I did.

Suffering Hour - The Cyclic ReckoningI already loved Suffering Hour, but now after The Cyclic Reckoning I love them even more. This otherworldly release takes blackened death metal to new haunted realms, and the band’s use of spectral melodies is particularly striking.

Wolf Theory - WLFTHRY

Wolf Theory’s WLFTHRY is another album that took my by surprise. The band’s brand of alternative/electro-rock is just so moreish and insanely catchy. These songs quickly bored into my brain and stayed there no matter what I did.

Sunnata - Burning in Heaven, Melting on EarthSlow, heavy, and hypnotic, Sunnata’s dense atmospheric doom captivated me on Burning in Heaven, Melting on Earth. It’s so easy to lose yourself in these layered songs that when listening to the music it’s almost like catching glimpses of distant, alien, dust-filled landscapes.

Sur Austru - ObârșieObârșie by Sur Austru was an album I was looking forward to, but the reality of the album greatly exceeded my expectations. If you’re a fan of rich, varied, folk-infused atmospheric black metal, then don’t miss out on this gem.

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