Acid Mammoth – Caravan (Review)

Acid Mammoth - CaravanThis is the third album form Greek doom/stoner metallers Acid Mammoth.

Sometimes a band appears that is ostensibly no different to that of many other groups playing with a similar sound, but that has an ineffable quality that simply manages to captivate. For me, Acid Mammoth is one such band.

Acid Mammoth mix old and new, so that while you can hear the clear Black Sabbath-esque roots of the band, it’s still very easy to accept that they slot nicely next more modern bands such as Khemmis, Pallbearer, and Monolord. Acid Mammoth are a band that understand a few different levels of doom metal, and combine them into something that may be familiar, but has its own personality sewn up tight.

I like how heavy this music is. I like the sound, shape, and texture of the guitars as they give birth to the mammoth (ahem) songs. The level of fuzzy distortion on the record is set just so, and the blend of thick riffs and psychedelia is balanced expertly. I like how the songs are written, with a striking quality and good ear for a good tune. Instant-appeal riffs, catchy choruses, and engaging melodies are well-represented, but so is longevity, depth, and atmospheric weight.

Basically, I like Acid Mammoth. I like Acid Mammoth a lot. In a genre that I typically tire of very quickly, Acid Mammoth consistently defy the odds and deliver the goods.

Very highly recommended for any fan of stoner doom.

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