Oceans – The Sun and the Cold (Review)

Oceans - The Sun and the ColdOceans are a metal band from Germany/Austria, and this is their debut album.

Oceans are an interesting band. Their music consists of an engaging combination of diverse influences, all wrapped together with coherent skill. Elements of death metal, melodic metal, melodic doom, nu-metal, and progressive metal can all be heard. Think of a cross between Soilwork, Amorphis, Paradise Lost, Fit for an Autopsy, and Slipknot. Yes, yes; it sounds like a mess, but it isn’t. The talent of the band is such that it’s anything but.

Melancholic and emotive, the band are powered by song-focused writing, producing songs with plenty of hooks and catchy melodies and choruses. The music typically alternates between clearly defined parts. We get cleanly-sung sections, (sometimes lighter, sometimes heavier), that remind of a cross between newer Amorphis, In Flames, and Paradise Lost, with a hint of Slipknot’s nu-metal approach We also get heavier mid-paced death metal-influenced sections that recall Amorphis and In Mourning at their heaviest. The band also speed things up here and there, all the way up to and including blast beat intensity – think Soilwork and Hypocrisy. Essentially, Oceans have a European metal base, and then add a contemporary aspect, (think bands such as Fit for an Autopsy and Gojira, as well as the modern side of the aforementioned bands).

Of course, the above is only a simplistic overview, and the band’s songwriting is better than what I may have implied. Although they still have some development and refinement to do, they’re still in a very strong position with their debut album. With good songs and lots of arena-friendly material, I can easily imagine Oceans becoming one of the bigger bands in the scene with enough progression and support.

The Sun and the Cold is a full-bodied, well-rounded metal release, one which I urge you to check out if you’re a fan of classic European metal sound with a modern, contemporary twist.

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