Wormhole – The Weakest Among Us (Review)

Wormhole - The Weakest Among UsThis is the second album from international death metal group Wormhole.

I liked 2016’s Genesis, and now the band are back with a new album and a new lineup. Here they give us 28 minutes of destructive modern extremity.

Wormhole’s music mixes blistering technicality with ferocious slams, meaning that there’s a good mix of complex playing and crushing deathcore groove. This time around the music has more of a melodic aspect to it as well, although this doesn’t distract from the band’s main business of brutality and carnage, but rather adds to it.

The vocals are utterly guttural, verging on pignoise. They’re a brutal constant, providing underpinning belligerence while the music mutates and flows around it like a slam-happy techno-daemon intent on colourful destruction.

The songs feature a nice amount of wandering bass, and adhere to the tenets of the modern slam style, while also allowing the band enough freedom to show their own take on the genre. This album adopts an approach to brutality that takes grooving slamming aggression with a melodically-charged technical approach, resulting in something that sits halfway between the two ends of the modern death metal spectrum.

Make sure you give The Weakest Among Us a spin, and see if it scratches your itch for brutality.

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